What equipment do Cockermouth First Responders carry??

The main inner compartment of the bag is shown on the right. It contains the following
  • An oxygen cylinder, facemask & tubing
  • A pulseoximeter
  • A facemask for CPR
  • Scissors, bandages, dressings & antiseptic wipes
  • Suction kit
  • Patient report forms and a pen
  • A simple mobile phone to contact ambulance control
We also carry a defibrillator to help patients who are suffering from a heart attack. This is contained in the front of the bag where it can be easily accessed.

Because we need to get to a medical emergency quickly it is important that we take all our equipment in one or two bags. The latest rucksacks that we use contain all the equipment in one bag!  So what is in the bag?

The defibrillator is designed to be easy to use and provides full instructions on how it should be used.