Cockermouth First Responders provide basic life support and first aid to the community of Cockermouth and the outlying villages. We work closely with the other local First Responder groups operating from Brigham, Broughton, Isel, Keswick and Lorton. A map of the area covered by Cockermouth First Responders is shown here.

We are a Community First Responder group which means we are all volunteers and live within the community that we provide support to. This means that we can get to a medical emergency quickly and be an important link in the Chain of Survival. To find out more about us please have a look through our website. If you would like more information see the contacts page.



Volunteering Opportunities in Cockermouth First Responders
Your CFRs Need U

We are now looking for a small number of new volunteers to join the team and if you would be interested in finding out more about this opportunity and what this commitment entails, please contact us.